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Basket Supplies


For many years Michelle has been selling her artwork at art and craft sales around the country. She has worked with many different types of artists; Gourd Artists, Wood Turners, Scroll Saw Artists, Bead Artists, and Basket Weavers to name a few.  She learned that artists are having a hard time finding supplies.  As many of the custom suppliers have retired or closed up shop. With Michelle’s abilities working with wood and her engraving services, she realized she could help bridge the gaps.

You are asking how is she bridging the gap.

Michelle loves to create unique, one of a kind artwork.  She also knows other artists do too. Michelle knows how frustrating it can be not to have the right supplies and settle for something less than what you envisioned for your project.

Michelle has the tools, the technology, and the ability to build what other artists need. She has a complete woodworking shop that includes a Co2 laser engraver and a sand carving cabinet. With these tools and her talents, she can make basket bases, lids, handles, and embellishments. If you have been looking for that specific shape or special effect, look no further. Check out what Michelle can offer you.

When ordering basket supplies, you have many options at reasonable prices. You can pick the type of wood, the size, the shape, slotted or drilled, add a special message/design, unfinished or finished, and even add a special effect if you wish.


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